We all love being outside

The children love to go outside for some fresh air and to explore and move their bodies. It is fun to observe and assist them as they find their own activities. The children work on climbing stumps and balancing on the driftwood and rocks; they play with the balls and buckets and tools; they gather water to care for the plants; they find things on the ground; they like to stomp in puddles and use the mud kitchen; they turn the buckets into “tubs” and “hats”; they decorate objects with chalk; they rake and sweep and scrub. The possibilities are endless.

We recently planted seeds in pots; we will transplant the starts into the garden in March and harvest the food for cooking in the school kitchen. This year we will be growing kale, radicchio and cherry tomatoes. Oh, and the tulips we planted with the children in the fall are popping up through the earth. What joy!

1-Nolan on Driftwood 2-Sky and ball 3-Zeph in rain 4-Boot scraping 5-Joey climbing rocks 6-Friends outside 7-Decorating table 8-Maya with watering can 9-Ava in bucket 10-Sylvia with shoe 11-Nice day 12-Meadow gathers water 13-Children planting 14-Puddle 15-Noam raking 16-Ava with cone 17-Stumps 18-Z raking 19-Sylvia gathers water 20-Noam exploring 22-Sky examines  21-Nolan happy


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