Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill…

We have been doing some fun finger-plays with the children. Finger-plays are important as they are ways for children to participate in groups (social development) and they introduce children to the natural rhythms of language (language development). They also promote fine and gross motor coordination as children learn to move their fingers and arms in sync with the words. If you’d ever like to learn the movements to the words, either ask us, or ask your children- some of them might be able to show you themselves!

“Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill,

one named Jack and one named Jill.

Flyyyyyyy away Jack, flyyyyyyy away Jill.

Come back Jack and come back Jill.”


“Celery sticks and celery sticks

and peanut butter, peanut butter,

and raisins and raisins,

and chocolate chips and chocolate chips

and nuts, and nuts.”

We’d like to send a special welcome to our newest (and youngest) friend, Maya Linh. Maya’s parents are Khanh and Hector and we are so glad to have them in our community. Bienvenidos!

1-Meadow Tea Meadow having herbal apple tea at snack

2-Nolan loftNolan in the loft, practicing climbing 3-Skyler car trackerSkyler using the car tracker

4-Joey bead tracker Joey using bead tracker5-Noam stumps Noam on stumps

7-Nolan broomNolan feeling the bristles during a sweeping break

8-Sylvia stoolSylvia moved a stool to the window so she could observe outside 9-Maya baby dollMaya and the baby doll

10-Liz reading Counting with Elizabeth

11-Sky and Meadow outsideSky and Meadow getting some fresh air

12-Zeph and Ava digFriends digging together

13-Noam and Ava tunnel Noam and Ava enjoying “hide in the tunnel”14-Noam gathers waterNoam gathers his own water for handwashing work 15-Sylvia outsideSylvia on a stump 16-Zeph cylinder block Zephyr with cylinders17-Skyler with trianglePeek-a-boo Sky! 18-Joey color matchingJoey with color match 19-Maya poundingMaya likes the pounding material

20-Meadow bookMeadow enjoys the book of international photos

21-AVa gluingAva gluing hearts on paper

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