Summer Fun!

Finally we are seeing some sunshine here in Portland and the kiddos are loving it!


Davie enjoying the sunshine and taking a break in the shade.
Harvey and Tavish cooling off with the sandbox.
Nolan and Maya working with Andrea in the garden.
Nora working with the spray bottle.
Maya, Nolan, Nora, and Harvey taking a much needed water break in the shade.
Nolan taking a break in the shade.
Nolan and Meadow on the climbing dome.

Nora and Maya enjoying the nice weather.

We go bananas over bubble time!
  Larkin, Meadow, Davie, and Harvey having a drum circle with Andrea!
Hazel relaxing in the sun.
Maya balancing on a log.


Snack Log:

05/01/17 AM: Teff Cookies, bananas, and cheddar cheese.
05/01/17 PM: Teff Cookies, Cranberries, and cheddar cheese.
05/02/17 AM: Rice, Seaweed, Cucumber Salad, and Water Chestnuts.
05/02/17 PM: Cheese, Almond Crackers, Apples, and water Chestnuts.
05/03/17 AM: Oatmeal and cranberry tea bread, almonds, and bananas.
05/03/17 PM: Tea Bread, apples, and feta cheese.
05/04/17 AM: Bagel wit’s cream cheese and bell pepper.
05/04/17 PM: Bagel with cream cheese,bell pepper, and apples.

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