Rain or Shine!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, rain or shine we go outside! The rain was a much appreciated improvement over the cold snow. The Maple Seed kids were well equipped with rain gear to have heaps of fun playing outside.

All of our friends ready and waiting to go outside.

Worms with Andrea!!

Tavish working at the sandbox.

Larkin working at the sandbox.

Davie and Skyler standing on the squeaky matt.

Finley playing ball.

Maya dancing.

Leo and Tavish looking for an adventure.

Margo holding Andrea’s hand.

Nolan, Hazel, and Harvey peeking around a big tree.



Snack Menu 02/06/17-02/10/17:
Monday AM: Pita Pizza, Canary Melon, and Kale Chips.
Monday PM: Canary Melon and Popcorn.
Tuesday AM: Pistachio Nuts, Rice Cakes, Olives, and Canary Melon.
Tuesday PM: Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter and Apples.
Wednesday AM: Hard Boiled Eggs, Crackers, and Sweet Potato.
Wednesday PM: Nuts, Cheese, and Apples.
Thursday AM: Oyster Crackers, Dates, Cheese, and Apples.
Thursday PM: Apples, Sweet Potatoes, and Dates.
Friday AM: Hard Boiled Eggs, Pecans, Oyster Crackers, Sweet Potatoes, and Rice Crackers.

When we can, it’s a great opportunity to have the children help with snack. Here are two photos of Tavish sprinkling salt and cinnamon and placing sweet potato slices on a cookie sheet.

Tavish sprinkling cheese on the pita pizza’s.

Hazel cleaning and preparing Kale Chips.


Yet another wonderful week at Maple Seed Montessori! Enjoy your weekend and we will see everyone again next week.

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