Oobleck, Oobleck, and more Oobleck!

Yet another great week at Maple Seed! We loved getting the opportunity to talk to everyone that came to parents education night and are looking forward to the next one!

Indoor work and play!

Outdoor fun time!

We had a blast playing with Oobleck this week! Combine water and starch and you end up with Oobleck! Solid? Liquid? Nobody knows!


Esme, Quentin, Kai, and Kaura helped Andrea cook snack this week!

Snack Log:

10/02/17 AM: Chickpeas, Grapes, Rice Crackers.
10/02/17 PM: Chickpeas, Grapes, Rice Crackers.
10/03/17 AM: Grapes, Hard Boiled Eggs, Almond Meal Cookies.
10/03/17 PM: Crackers, Apples, Almond Butter, Bananas.
10/04/17 AM: Pita Pizzas, Apples, Sunflower Seeds.
10/04/17 PM: Pita Pizzas, Raisins, Hard Boiled Eggs.
10/05/17 AM: Quesadillas, Bananas, Grapes.
10/05/17 PM: Quesadillas, Hard Boiled Eggs, Toast, Raisins, Figs.

You can find the recipe for the delicious almond meal cookies baked this week by following this link. Andrea replaced chocolate chips with raisins. They were a hit!

Here are a few more examples of lunches!

Enjoy the weekend! See you next week!

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