Maple Seed Summer Camp 2017

This concludes Maple Seed 2017 Summer Camp. We all had such a wonderful time with our friends working, playing, and trying new treats! An enthusiastic goodbye to our friends Hazel, Meadow, Harvey, Skyler, and Davie. We will miss growing with them but are excited for their next adventure! We are also thrilled to welcome all our new friends that started this summer and those starting in September!

Here are some photos of our summer adventures!

 Harvey and Kai doing some mat work.

 Harvey and Margo love to paint!

  Our friends having so much fun sitting in a canoe in the shade!

 Sometimes you just need to move your body!

 Everybody loves story time!

  During such a hot summer one needs to sit in buckets filled with cool water and to run through mist!

 Some days we were lucky enough to have Miriam join us!

 Andrea helped out friends make some lovely green crowns!

 All our friends love helping Andrea with the cooking!

  Our friends were so proud when they got to harvest the potatoes we all grew at Maple Seed!

  Indoor work, play, and shenanigans with friends!

 Outdoor work, play, and shenanigans!


Here are a few links to recipes that our friends especially loved.

Raisin zucchini Bread (We replaced the chocolate chips with raisins)
Almond Butter Coconut Balls

We had a great summer with our friends and are excited to start the next school year! Enjoy the rest of August and some much loved family time!

See you in September,
Andrea, Liz, and Sadie


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