Happy January

We are off to a great start this year. We’ve welcomed two new friends, Birdie and Skyler, and they are cousins. Skyler’s parents are Lisa and Josh, and Birdie’s parents are Nora and Max. So happy to have their families join our community!

Your children have been busy…

Snack time, learning to sit and eat and talk together

All Snack


Birdie with rings

Birdie rings

Welcome, Birdie and Skyler!


Joey and Meadow, making music together

Joey Meadow instruments

Joey painting

Joey paints

Meadow drumming

Meadow drum

Meadow tenderly hugs Skyler

Meadow hug

Nolan stomps the mud

Nolan mud

Skyler with wooden truck and shaker

Sklyer truck shaker

Sylvia doing tonging work

Syl tongs

Sylvia with sea turtle

Syl Turtle

Zephyr doing puzzles – he is working with them independently!

Zeph puzzle

New friends, Ava and Birdie

Birdie Ava laugh

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