Getting Warmer at Maple Seed!

Happy Friday! We have been having a blast at Maple Seed. It has been especially great spending so much time outside enjoying this warm weather. Next week is predicted to range between the high 60s and low 80s. It’s a great week to send summer clothes and sunblock to school. Keep cool and enjoy these photos taken at Maple Seed!


Follow this link for a Chia Seed Pudding recipe that Andrea and friends whipped up for snack.

Snack Log:
04/16/18 AM&PM: Rice Crackers, Hummus, and Apples.
04/17/18 AM&PM: Rice Crackers, Cheese, and Bananas.
04/18/18 AM&PM: PBJ, Apples, and Pear.
04/19/18 AM&PM: Basmati Rice, Tofu, Cucumber, and Seaweed.

Have fun in the warm weather to come! See everyone next week!

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