Cleaning is a great skill for our friends to practice. It gives them an opportunity to help themselves, help others, and improve fine motor skills. What I have personally noticed is how much the kids want and enjoy helping their friends.

Meadow mopping up a spill.
Hazel washing her hands.
Harvey washing dishes.
Tavish using the Hoky.
Larkin washing dishes.
Davie getting ready to sweep.
Nora getting ready to clean the chalk board.
Maya ready to sweep.


This weeks Snacks:
02/21/17 AM: Cottage Cheese, Crackers, and Snap Peas.
02/21/17 PM: Walnuts, Crackers, and Apples.
02/22/17 AM: Black Beans, Raisins, Sweet Potato, Sunflower Seeds.
02/22/17 PM: Crackers, Sunflower Seeds, and Cucumber.
02/23/17 AM: Teff Cookies and bananas.
02/23/17 PM: Teff Cookies, Raisins, and Edamame.

Here are some photos from time spent outdoors!

Tavish, Harvey, Meadow, and Leo jumping off tree stumps
Margo walking over the bridge.
Skyler tossing a bean bag.
Nolan looking at the bark chips on the ground.


Here are a few more highlights of work done inside.

Larkin working with the Russian Nesting Doll.
Skyler practicing combing her hair.
Tavish and Hazel practicing twisting on and off a nut.
Margo stacking rings on the tower.
Harvey inserting pegs into the holes.

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