Spring has sprung and our community continues to thrive. Each day we experience new development, new growth, evolution. Older children have begun to take on the tasks of helping and comforting younger children. Younger children are learning by watching and hearing the older children. It is a beautiful and observable cycle.

The children have been busy, both indoors and outdoors, with tasks that meet their developmental needs.

Ava and SkyA friend helping another on the bridge

Ava Joey peek a booPeek-a-boo friends (from behind a tree)

Ava socks Working hard to put on socks

Digging togetherFriends digging together in the garden bed

Friends exploring garden bedMore friends digging and chatting in the springtime sun

Friends shaing meal Sharing “food”

Joey lacingLacing

Maya cupDrinking from a cup

Meadow shovel waterWashing a shovel

Noam tunnelIn the tunnel

Noam wheelbarrowMoving things around the school yard

Nolan in boatIn the “boat”

INolan ringsUsing new rings on dowels work (color sorting)

Nora handwashingHandwashing (the joy of water play)

Nora peek a booMore tree peek-a-boo

Nora rakeRaking

Ring a rosiesImpromptu ring-around-the-rosies

Singing outsideAndrea leading Skida-marink-a-dink-a-dink

Sky and AvaOlder child showing younger child vegetable cutting (mixed ages)

Sky handwashingHandwashing at sink

Vivi paintingPainting

Vivi wateringWatering the garden

Z wheelbarrow over bridgeWheelbarrow over bridge (that’s hard work)

Also, please welcome our newest friend, Vivi, to the community. Her parents are Emily and Sean. We are so glad to have them with us.

  1. David Kennedy

    This is wonderful! So much fun. Thank you!

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