Another wonderful week

One important goal of the Toddler environment is to increase self-reliance, and thereby self-esteem, by offering activities such as dressing, cleaning, scrubbing, and so on. Children express such concentration and joy when they are given freedom to move about independently in a space, practicing things they’ve seen adults do many times.

Art and music are also integral parts of the environment, for the purposes of sensorial exploration (art) and language development (music).

Activities this week included decorating a table, working with clay, song circles, washing a chalkboard, scrubbing a table, sweeping, putting on shoes, digging, playing outdoors, and continuing to make new friends.

alder decorates table ava scrubs ava shares a song ava sweeps buddies trucks digging friends grady cleans chalkboard grady scrubs joey decorates table killian car track meadow alder hoop meadow and shoes ring rosies song circle with an tunnel zeph with clay

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