A place to work and play

Sanford Jones, a children’s composer for decades, has a beautiful song called “This is my School” that portrays the simplicity and beauty of the Montessori classroom.

“This is my school,

a place to work and play.

My friends and I

are living out each day.

Washing a table, polishing a cup,

everyday I’m growing up.

This is my school,

a place to work and play.”

Activities over the past few weeks included: Chalkboard, washing dishes, playing with balls, slicing an egg (and eating it!), balancing, fraction puzzle, having snack together, car tracker, scrubbing the deck, bead track, watering the mums, watering ferns, cylinder blocks, decorating the outside table, and working with pliers.



Alder chalk Alder wash dishes Ava balls Ava egg slice Childern balance Grady fraction puzzle Having snack Joey car track Joey scrub deck Killian bead track Killian water plant Meadow in Garden Meadow watering Noam cylinder blocks unnamed Zeph decorate table Zeph pliers

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