Maple Seed Montessori has had some very exciting new activities this week! One of which is a small trampoline! All of our friends really loved the trampoline, as you can imagine.

Andrea also brought in a super awesome tunnel for our friends. It just as much fun for us to watch as it was for the kids to play!

Here are a few other highlights from this week!

Afternoon snack time with Nolan, Maya, Nora, and Harvey.
Nolan and Nora taking a break.
Nora and Harvey playing in the corner nook.
Nora washing the table.
Margo washing some dishes.
Liz working with a chime with Maya, Nora, and Leo.
Harvey and Nolan working with the chalk board.
Skyler misting some plants.
Nolan misting the strawberries.
Leo climbing on the dome.
Meadow having fun sitting in the bucket.
Bubble time with Andrea!
Hazel on the climbing dome.
Nora tasting some home grown leafy greens.
Nolan and Harvey “painting” the fence with water.
Margo having fun with a pair of sunglasses.
Tavish really excited about a stick he found.


Have a great weekend! See everyone next week!

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